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What Is Truth. Can You Eat Sunflower Seed Shells? Its Benefits


Indeed, it is right to saying everyone in the world likes to eat sunflower seeds. Because these are entirely composed of nutrients, which is a good source of nutrition, in this way, sunflower seeds are using for many purposes on a large scale. Their uses include oils for cooking, cosmetic products, and medical industries.

Sunflower seeds are also operating on a large scale to prepare food products for dogs, birds, and many pet animals. Many people are also using the extracted oil for nutrition because they mix oil in cattle’s food products.

Have you ever notice while eating sunflower seeds. Are you eating them without discarding the hard shells or hulls? Moreover, can you eat sunflower seed shells? Many people are concern about Is it safe to eat sunflower seed shells? So, you will become a wonder to hearing eating of sunflowers shells is not secure.

So always avoids the eating of sunflower seed shells. But many people eat them as these are salted and tasty. Moreover, these cause many diseases intestines, digestive tract, and many further. So, always eat them by opening the seeds means without shells.

What Are Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) Seeds?

Sunflower seeds always produce on the head of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) plant. Almost 2,000 seeds can develop on each flower. Consequently, the minimum amount of seeds is growing for eating. Because most of the seeds are also growing for oil purposes, these sunflower seeds have a special covering of shells. It is known as the hull.

When removing the cover covering, they are called kernels. Such a surface is present in the colour of white and greyish-black. Indeed, it is a hard shell that protects the inside nutrients materials. Many people asking can you eat sunflower seed shells?

Moreover, Jennifer Silverman, a holistic nutritionist, describes the following words about shell eating. Because many people also like to eat the sunflowers seed shell as these are salty. But many people select to crack and finish the shell of seeds. Certainly, shells are edible for eating. But their eating causes many diseases like constipation and digestive tract diseases. Moreover, these are tasty for eating in both forms, raw and roasted.

Why Can’t We Eat the Shell of Sunflowers Seeds?

The edible part of sunflowers seeds is the kernel or meat of a plant. Indeed, it is like tan and soft in chewing. But, their taste is slighter, buttery, and hard texture. Mostly, sunflowers seeds are roast in salty form with their shells. Often, they are eating like their favorite thing at baseball games. So, always spit out the hull and eat the kernels.

Certainly, shells are tough to eat. Moreover, they have a large number of fibers, namely lignin, and cellulose. So, these cause difficulty in digesting and leads to many diseases. So, it is the solution for the can you eat sunflower seed shells? Moreover, sunflower seeds are edible with olive oils, salts, and as many spices as you want.

Indeed, their shells are eating leads to constipation disease. In this disease, you will feel pain and blockage. Furthermore, these can damage your digestive tract or esophagus, and a lot of your tears will come out. So, never feel concerned about you can eat sunflower seed shell? Because you find that it is harmful to health. So, always avoid sunflowers seeds shell eating. Try to use the kernels of sunflowers seeds in your breakfast because they have a lot of nutrients.

What To Do With The Shells Of Sunflowers Seeds?

Some people like sunflower seeds as a favorite thing. So, they eat sunflower seeds in a lot of amounts. Then, they do not desire to throw away the shells of sunflowers. We tell you several ways to use these shells because many ways present to use them reasonably.

However, you can use these shells as the grass of your garden because they prevent weeds’ growth around the plants. So, it is anti-weeds and shrubs growth. Moreover, these are best for the usage of coffee or tea substitute. Consequently, give the toasting of shells at a lighter rate only in an oven or frying pan.

Make its complete grind powder in a spice grinder. Furthermore, use one tablespoon of 12 grams for only one cup. But, use the 240 ml for the hot water.

Shells are also using for the roughage of poultry and ruminant animals. These are best for the sheep and cows. These are also useable in industries for the turning of fuel pellets. Moreover, these are again using in fiberboard.

What Are Nutrition Facts Of Sunflower Seed?

A large number of nutrients are present in kernels. But, shells have a small number of nutrients. Do people think that you can eat sunflower seed shells? Furthermore, kernels are a significant source of fats and protein. Because Kernels have useful features of Antioxidizes materials, these prevent the damage of DNA and cells from oxidative harm.

However, sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E, iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. But, they carry a big carton of nutritional materials. Silverman describes sunflower seeds have a large amount of caloric and nutrient materials.

There are following nutrients present only in the single seed of sunflower.

One ounce of shelled sunflower seeds
             Nutrient              Amount
Calories  165
Fat 14 g
Sugar .77 g
Sodium .85 g
Dietary fiber 3.2 g
Carbohydrates 6.8 g
Protein 5.5 g
Iron 1.1 mg
Calcium 19.8 mg
One ounce of kernels sunflower seeds
Calories 165
Protein 5 grams
Carbs 7 grams
Fiber 3 grams
Phosphorus 32% of the DV
Fat 14 grams
Selenium 32% of the DV
Vitamin E 37% of the Daily Value (DV)
Manganese 30% of the DV
Vitamin B5 20% of the DV
Folate 17% of the DV


Moreover, the sunflower kernels have a lot of amount of oil with linoleic acid. Why can you eat sunflower seed shells? Consequently, they also have omega-6 fatty acid, which is healthful for cell membranes maintenance. So, eat the seeds without shells and enjoy a healthy life.

What Are The Health Risks Of Eating The Shells Of Sunflowers Seeds?

Whenever you eat the small pieces of shells of sunflowers as mistaking, these are not harmful. But when you eat a large amount of seeds shells. Furthermore, they also cause many diseases. So, never think about you can eat sunflower seed shells? In this way, such diseases include:


Shells of sunflowers seeds lead to pain and blockage as constipation disease.

Digestive Tract Disease:

The eating of many shells of sunflowers seeds also leads to the blocking of the digestive `tract. So, many digestive diseases can occur in your life.

Intestinal Tract Blockage:

Seeds shells reach the intestinal tract and cause blockage of functions. So, it can be risky in many cases.


When shells enter your large and small intestine, they are gathered there in the form of a mass. Such a condition is called a bezoar. Moreover, it leads to severe disease of the intestine with pain and discomfort.

Bowel Impaction :

Eating shells also brutally lead to bowel impaction. Because a large part is stuck in the colon or rectum of your body, it proves painful and much severe.

Tear In The Large Intestine:

Eating shells leads to hemorrhoids and many severe intestinal diseases. Moreover, these cause tears in your large intestine. Also, think yourself can you eat sunflower seed shells? So, it is better always avoided by eating.

But, sometimes the diseases of shell eating become so severe. Then, these are only treated with surgery. So, always avoid shell eating.

What Are The Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds?

There are many health benefits of Sunflower Seeds. Moreover, they are widely using in the whole world.

  1. A Significant Source Of Antioxidants:

The seeds of sunflower are a rich source of Vitamin E. Such is beneficial for fat-soluble antioxidants. Moreover, helpful for fighting disease radicals. Because sunflower seed also has anti-inflammatory features, these are beneficial for reducing the cold and cough.

  1. Weight Loss

Sunflower seeds are a significant source of dietary fiber. Indeed, these fibers are very beneficial for protecting your stomach and keeping regular your digestion process. Moreover, it controls excessive hunger pangs. So, it is  very  beneficial  for loss of obesity .

  1. Fuels Energy

Sunflower seeds have a much amount of Vitamin B1 and electrolytes. Indeed, this helps produces much amount of energy in the body. Moreover, these keep your body active and agile all the time.

  1. Strong and efficient for Heart Health

A lot amount of essential fatty acids and phytosterols also present in seeds. So, these prove very helpful to maintain the cholesterol amount in the body. Furthermore, phytosterols also play a crucial role in increasing body immunity. Consequently, these also reduce the risk of several dangerous diseases.

  1. Clear And Smooth Skin

Sunflower seeds have a lot amount of fatty acids like linoleic, oleic, and palmitic acid. Moreover, these are necessary for producing collagen and elastin. So, they also play an essential role in the smoothness and blighting of your skin. If you in search of clear and smooth skin.

  1. Excellent for Detoxification

Sunflower seeds have a large amount of magnesium content. Because these seeds can reduce the bacteria and germs from cells, they help flush out toxins from the whole-body parts. Indeed, it is beneficial for nerve- reliefs functions. Furthermore, it also controls blood pressure levels in an efficient way.


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