What Causes Bad Smell in Nose? Treatment and Prevention


bad smell in noseEncountering a foul smell in daily life is our routine. Sometimes, these smells are from outside, and sometimes it might be probably possible that these are from within. Yes, you understood, right! There is a bad smell in our nose.

The nose is an essential organ of our body by which we breathe in and breathe out. Many reasons can cause a foul smell in our nose, as listed below:


Sinusitis is a kind of infection that may be caused due to bacteria or viruses. It causes an itchy smell in the nose, worrying an individual. Usually, it lasts for 3 to 8 weeks (chronic sinusitis), and during this period, it’s nearly possible it clears up on its own. But, in sporadic cases, it may turn up to severe cases in which the antibiotics are the best recommended.

In short term sinus infection, it remains for 7-10 days (acute sinusitis).

Sinus infection leads you to a bad smell in the nose.


  1. Halitosis
  2. Headache
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Facial pain
  5. Drainage
  6. Sinus pressure

Digestion Problems

The proper diet has a crucial role in maintaining the energy levels in the human body. We often use a rotten and bossy diet having bad taste in the mouth and foul smell in the nose. It happens due to carelessness resulting in various diseases. A foul odor may be due to liver diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure problems.

A simple and doctors’ recommended diet plan necessarily helps a lot to avoid it.

Inadequate Dental Hygiene

Poor dental hygiene causes cavities in the mouth. The food particles are stuck in the cavity and remain there until a foul smell produces. These cavities hold bacteria. After that, gas is released and travels via the small holes present in the back of the mouth. At last, an unpleasant smell is produced within the nostrils.

The main reason is tooth decay.

Brushing twice a day is the best treatment to avoid sticky smell caused by the dental hygienic problems.

Tobacco Consumption

The excessive use of tobacco damage not only your lungs but teeth and gums can be badly affected. Moreover, its consumption reduces the capability to taste and smell; afterward, you often fail to differentiate between good and bad smells.

Abducting the tobacco might be helpful to reduce the unhealthy smell you perceive.

Tonsils Effect

Tonsils may hold the saliva, mucus, and dead cells. The debris can turn up into stones in the tonsils.  There are great chances of bacteria’s presence. They feed on these stones and leave a bad smell in the nose, and produce an unpleasant taste on the tongue.

  • The use of water with variations can provide facilitation to avoid this risk.
  • Oral hygiene proves sufficiently helpful to maintain the proper tongue-taste and good smell.

Non-Cancerous Growths

The non-cancerous growths are known as nasal polyps. These form on the nasal cavity.

Their reasons are as follow:

  1. Asthma
  2. Allergic problems
  3. Sinuses

These growths might probably as a result of inflammation.


  1. Distortion invoice
  2. Taste variations
  3. Breathing issue or lousy breath


  • Headache
  • Facial pain
  • Runny nose
  • Toothache
  • Snoring

As there is fluid present inside the polyps, this may cause the rotten smell affecting the nose badly. Nasal sprays prescribed by the practitioner provide you the timely treatment in time of need to avoid the stinky smell.

Kidney Diseases

Kidneys serve the human body with the proper filtration of waste products. If due to some reason, there is improper functioning in the kidneys, allowing waste to stay within the body. There is a bad smell like ammonia produced owing to them, which can be noticed by your nose.


  • Kidney pain
  • Change in urine color
  • Exhaustion

Hay Fever

It can cause the buildup of mucus and itchy nose with which any individual feels deviation in your smelling sense or foul smell can be produced within the nostrils. The abnormality in sensing the odor with the nose turn into severe unless a fair treatment is done.

Insufficient Use Of Water

Dry mouth leads you to a bad smell in the nose. Usage of water in less amount leaves the mouth dry, resulting in the improper flow of saliva. The rotten smell is produced in dry mouth ultimately reaches to the nostrils by mouth back holes. Its main causes include:

  • Dehydration
  • Breathing through mouth most of the time
  • Medications prescribed for pain


What Is The Time To Visit The Doctor?

When you are dealing bad smell in the nose for ten days, you must visit the best practitioner. Encountering a foul odor is common, but if this is within your nose, there are more likely chances of sinus infection that can get you foul smell.

If you notice sore throat problems or tooth decay, it leads to a reduction in the ability to taste and smell.

Ammonia smell within your body depicts the kidney problem leaving a stinky smell into the nose.

Having a recommended prescription may lead to soothing your pain and freeing you from bad smells in the nose.



Brushing Habits And Proper Cleanliness

Tooth decay is considered one of the main reasons for bad smell in the nose as there is proper hygiene. The nose gets a rotten smell if cavities are there. Food particles leave a moldy odor.

The best-recommended treatment to avoid spoiled smell is to brush twice a day.

Adequate Usage Of Water

Another doctors’ prescribed treatment to avoid bad smell in the nose is to stay hydrated to maintain the flow of saliva. In the case of dehydration, the mouth releases an awful smell.

A sufficient amount of water gets you fresh and makes a better performance of the kidney. Kidney dysfunction also another factor for bad smell.

The more you use water, the more chances of good smell in the nose.

Washing Of Hands With Saltwater

Wash your hands with a homemade saltwater rinse prevents you from a rotten smell in the nose when touching it unintentionally.

It is recommended for temporary recovery from bad smell.



  • Excessive use of water
  • Brushing habits
  • Eat fresh and simple food
  • Avoid smoking, i.e., tobacco
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Avoid touching your nose again and again.



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