Pepino Melon: Beneficial for Our Immunity, Bones, Skin, and Digestive System and More



Pepino MelonPepino Melon is little known fruit. And naturally grow low lying forest. In the California state.  It is produced at commercial scale. But its  production is limited. In fact this little fruit is many nutritional values. Pepino Melon belongs to  the family of eggplant, and tomatoes.

Scientific name: SOLANUM MURICATUM.

Papino Melon has beautiful yellowish color. And these lovely purple stripes. It’s about the size of ones hand fist size. So, It is gorgeous and cute looking fruit. So, “pepino” in Spanish means cucumber. And so it is called a cucumber melon, and it is not at all related to cucumbers. But it actually does not grow on a vine.

It grows on an evergreen plant. And it is native of South America. So, It can be use as a replacement of cucumber to boost our health.

Pepino Melon

This looks pretty much how you would expect it to look. So, It smells like cucumber, but it does smell a little bit like a melon as well kind of like a honeydew. In terms of color, Pepino melon looks a bit like a cantaloupe.

But in terms of flavor, it’s not nearly as tasty as a cantaloupe, or a honeydew. It is not at all sweet and tastes more like a cucumber and a tomato. And even has kind of the texture of a green tomato. Kind of mushy, a little bit mealy, but not at all sweet and it is a little bit like the cactus fruit. But it was even mushier and mealier.

Papino Melon is a native of Peru and has been termed as super fruit due to its magical therapeutic properties. It is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for our immunity, bones, skin, and digestive system in short our body inside out.

It is a sweet and juicy fruit with a floral aroma. And can be vaguely compare to two more fruits of melon family honeydew and cantaloupes. The goodness of this fruit cannot be describe in little space.


When consumed pepinomelons break down into fructose, fructose in fruit sugar to give us energy. This energy is sufficient for a person to sustain for a whole day.  So, It is recommend to the patients who are recovering after a long period of illness and suffer from weakness.

Beta-carotene, An active antioxidant is found in abundance in pepino melons. It plays an important role in improving the immunity level in our body, rejuvenating healthy cells, and keeping diseases at a safe distance from us.

Pepino melon is also high on fiber content and low on calorie count. This makes it a perfect choice for diabetic patients. Who are restricted from most of the best tasting edibles. The anti-inflammatory properties present. For More read energy source fruits Click here


In this super fruit make it highly recommended for people that suffering from joint pains. Athletes and other sports persons take this fruit regularly to keep the aches and pains away from their limbs.

Papino melon is a friend of calorie conscious people

Calorie-conscious people who want to lose their weight and slog on treadmills can snack on pepino melons. So, They have high moisture and dietary fiber content. Which keeps them hydrated. And they don’t feel hungry easily in pepino melons add volume to the fecal matter and softens. It this makes bowel movement easier people with chronic constipation can have it regularly.


It is absolutely safe for everyone specially old people pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. Pepino melon has no negligible sodium content. So, it controls the blood pressure in check. This is a healthy way of keeping to maintain high blood pressure.


Pepino melon is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B complex vitamin C and vitamin K, minerals, protein and dietary fibers. All these components have in pepinomelon are crucial in maintaining a good cardiovascular health. This fruit is highly recommend for women post 30. And It is a cheap source of calcium. So, it ensures the optimum bone and tooth density which is a common problem among women.

Pepino Melon Works For Mental Health

Pepino melon not only works for our physical health but it also improves our mental health as well it relaxes. The tensed nerves and lowers down the BP. So if you suffer from headaches causing from tension and stress this fruit can help you feel better.

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