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How To Reduce Melanin? Cause and Different Methods to Reduce Permanently

Guideline For How To Reduce Melanin By Using Different Ways

In today’s life, everyone is conscious of their color complexion. Especially girls want fair color complexion. Melanin is the crucial thing in making our color complexion. Let’s see what the melanin is:


how to reduce melaninMelanin is the pigment that provides color to your skin, hair, and eyes and its color. It consists of cells called melanocytes—these cells can quickly found within the skin’s outer layer.

We all have an equivalent number of melanocytes. However, some people’s cells produce more melanin and certain types of melanin more than others.

The more melanin you’ve got, the darker your skin is going to be. Sometimes melanin can accumulate in some areas and do darkening of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when parts of your skin become darker than others. While it’s possible to treat on-site melanin deposits, there are risks and limitations.

Also, it is possible to scale back melanin production within the skin. This article shares more detailed information on the topic of how you can reduce melanin.

Where Is Melanin Created, And How?

The generation of this pigment occurs primarily in your skin. The cellular melanocytes found inside the skin are liable for melanin generation in humans and animals.

There are two primary forms: brownish eumelanin, the other melanin formats, with the sepia color.

Each individual has almost an equivalent number of melanocytes. However, several external and internal factors affect an individual’s melanin production.

Besides, the following things are the reasons for excess melanin in the body.

What Causes Excess Melanin within the Body?

Many factors cause the excessive production of the pigment melanin inside the human body system. The most usual factors are:

  • Exposure Of Ultra Violet Rays:

Production of melanin occurs more in people that are more exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is often because melanin production occurs in response to UV radiation.

  • Genes:

An individual’s genes are an excellent explanation for excess melanin within the individual’s body. People from diverse racial groups and societies are naturally predisposed to provide some types and proportions of melanin.

  • Size of Melanocyte:

Therefore, people with larger melanocytes have more melanin in their body systems.

  • Conditions Of Skin:

Several skin conditions cause excessive melanin generation. One such disorder is known as albinism.

  • Many such triggers include hyperpigmentation, undernutrition, adrenal disease, hormonal shifts, disease, and vitamin insufficiency.

The next section is about how to reduce melanin in the skin.

Is It Possible To Permanently Reduce Melanin Production?

Yes, it is possible to reduce melanin production permanently. Everybody is continuously producing melanin. Genetics decides the quantity of production of melanin.

Without regular skin whitening procedures, permanent melanin production can’t get reduced in your body.

Methods To Reduce Melanin Production:

You don’t have to be involved in various medical treatment but believe in your sun care habits and a few natural treatment options.

How To Reduce Melanin Through Laser Treatment:

how to reduce melaninOne of the simplest methods to reduce melanin is using a laser treatment. Suggested is to consult your skin expert before doing something with your pigmentation treatment. You can take suggestions for a radical understanding of this procedure.

Skin doctors know what’s best for you.

Therefore, Dermatologists use laser devices approved by the USFDA for laser treatment.

These devices use a selected wavelength of pulse and lightweight to direct the pigments located in these hair follicles. The powerful vibration and lightweight attack can harm the pigments within the hair follicles. That helps in successively reduces hair growth. That’s why you can know how to reduce melanin in your body.

Laser treatment makes sure that the skin area isn’t damaged. Counting on the part that is treated, you’ll need several sessions.

Some of the plus points of this treatment are the least side effects, shorter recovery time, positive results, etc.

The next section includes how to reduce melanin through sun protection products.

How To Reduce Melanin Through Sun Protection And Sun Exposure Products?

Melanin’s purpose is to guard your skin from sun damage. Once you become exposed to sunlight, your skin produces additional melanin.

Applying sunscreen will control this process. Sunscreen safeguards the skin from UV rays, which hamper melanin production. It helps to reduce melanin.

Sun protection products don’t block 100% of the sun’s UV rays.  To further limit the quantity of melanin your skin produces, you should also:

  • Limit sun exposure.
  • Stay inside from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM when the sun’s rays are strongest.
  • Wear shielding clothes like sunglasses, long sleeves, and a hat.
  • Avoid tanning.

It will help to reduce melanin in your body.

In the next section, you will see how to minimize melanin using natural remedies.

How To Reduce Melanin With The Usage Of Natural Remedies?

People claim that some natural remedies can reduce melanin production inside the skin.

It’s unclear how long these remedies take to work. Therefore, you must have patience if you would like to use them.

Aside from that, they’re all temporary, so you ought to use them regularly. It will help to reduce melanin in your body.

How To Reduce Melanin With The Usage Of Turmeric

According to the 2012 study, the active ingredients in turmeric can reduce melanin synthesis.  It suppresses the power of melanocytes to supply more melanin.  This unique ingredient helps to minimize melanin when used regularly. It is the cheapest remedy that helps in how you can reduce melanin in the body. It is available in every home.

How To Reduce Melanin Using Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe Vera can reduce melanin production after exposure to sunlight. However, a recent study from 2012 found that aloe Vera doesn’t have this effect.

Although the research is controversial, users of aloe Vera gel say it helps to lighten the skin. It helps to reduce melanin.

Reducing Melanin Using Lemon Juice

People also utilize lemon juice to decrease skin melanin. The high vitamin C content will help in this matter. Vitamin C can minimize tyrosinase activity, preventing melanin formation.

Despite having potential anti-pigmentation effects, lemon juice can make the skin rough, so use when needed and avoid sunlight after use.   It helps to reduce melanin.

How To Reduce Melanin Using Skin Lightening Products?

When you use a product that has hydroquinone, it decreases the number of melanocytes in your skin.

It will make skin brighter and skin tone more even.

Melanin Reduction Using Green Tea

A 2015 study found that taking green tea can prevent melanin formation.

It works by blocking an enzyme needed to form melanin.

That’s how you can reduce melanin production in your body.

How To Reduce Melanin By Eating Healthy Food

Utilization of foods high in vitamins A, C, E, and K help reduce melanin production.  Food like milk, butter, cheese, whole eggs, broccoli, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, canned foods, sweet potatoes, beets, apricots, etc., are rich in vitamin-A.

All citrus fruits like Mango, grapes, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach contain sufficient vitamin C. These foods help to reduce melanin.

Since these vitamins are exploited during heating, it must be eaten raw or undercooked.

Almonds, spinach, sunflower-seed oil, avocado, sweet potatoes, and nutriment oil are excellent vitamin E sources.

All green leafy veggies are rich in vitamin K and can reduce dark spots at the end of the day.

Skin dullness might not be as sudden as expected, and it’s going to take a while counting on your skin tone and, therefore, the sort of diet you’re on. These all help to reduce melanin.

After this, we have to learn how to minimize melanin by medicine.

Medicine Is A Significant Way Of Reducing Melanin.

The intensity of melanin in your skin is entirely responsible for protecting your body from UV rays. Melanin has the same effect on pigmentation.

The main benefit of learning how to reduce melanin is in regulating skin pigmentation. Several drugs are used to change melanin levels.

But, variations in pigmentation will depend on the type of medication you used.

To find a way to reduce melanin, you first want to understand the factors contributing to melanin buildup in the physical body.

  • Changes in your body’s hormone levels
  • Excessive sun exposure to the skin
  • A skin disease that causes high levels of melanin
  • Insufficient vitamins and malnutrition

Whether your skin has darkened due to natural causes or other causes, your dermatologist’s explanation can help you adopt the right solution. You can use the suggestion to reduce the amount of melanin in your skin.

These experts will first carry out a professional test on your skin before recommending cosmetics and medicinal products that will restore your bright skin.

Using a product that contains hydroquinone can help to remove excess melanin that darkens your skin.

These are all causes to produce melanin.

How Medical Products Act Together With HYDROQUINONE To Reduce Melanin?

When your doctor has asked you whether you have used this medication or not, this has a reason. It is likely because your doctor or pharmacist also understands you and knows how to control any drug reactions.

Do not initiate, pause or adjust the dosage without your parent, pharmacy, or health care professional. Hydroquinone is not understood to have severe, moderate, or mild reactions with drugs.

This awareness involves no contact or side effects whatsoever. Asking the doctor or pharmacist for every product you are consuming before using this product.

Have a registry of all prescriptions with you and notify your doctor about it.

Contact the doctor for further medical guidance or whether you have any doubts, complaints, or details about this drug.

Medicines For Reduction Of Melanin:

Creams containing hydroquinone are beneficial for lightening the skin because they use peroxide to reduce melanin. Once this cream is applied to your face, it reduces melanin and keeps skin fitness. You can also use skin-lightening creams that contain chemicals and some natural extracts, which will reduce the melanin levels in your skin.

That’s how you can finished melanin in your skin.


Melanin is the crucial thing in our color complexion. Those who want a fair complexion need to reduce melanin production. There are different food items and drugs available in the market that will reduce melanin. It would help if you tried those things that are mentioned in our post.


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