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How to make yourself sneeze, Tips, methods and complete knowledge

how to make yourself sneeze

Do you feel frustrated when you feel like you are about to sneeze and still sneeze and not come out? Well, we all feel the same in that matter. We are discussing this topic because many people feel irritated while sneezing. Fortunately, there are different methods available to answer how to make yourself sneeze?

This article explains every essential information about how to make yourself sneeze, so you have to stay with us till the end of this post.

Without further wasting your time, let us explain sneeze.


Sneezing is an important process; it makes our body healthy and sniffle-free. When we sneeze, we expel the harmful bacteria and viruses from our bodies.

It protects our body from getting many diseases such as cold, illness, and other diseases.

The sneeze is a nose-and-mouth air eruption triggered typically by foreign particles. These particles trigger nasal Mucosa to get irritated. In the blast, it expels fluid from the mouth and nose. This behavior encourages Mucus to escape through the cavity of his nose.

When Do We Normally Feel to get Sneeze:

In the snowfall or winters, we usually feel like sneezing. Unexpected weather change is also a reason. Snowfall is an unexpected shift of weather, cold air wind, virus infection, and allergy exposure as infection outlets may transmit diseases.

Effect of Sneeze on our Brain:

Kao explains that when something enters your nose. The receptors present in your nose signal your sneeze center in your brain.

The message is rapidly sent from your brain to the nerve of the throat, nose, and mouth. Next, your chest forcefully contracts, and air expels out.


It would help if you covered your mouth with your shoulder, handkerchief, or tissue paper while sneezing, often the disease and cold symptom. If you do this, you will help others not to get suffered from which you are suffering.

Why Don’t get Sneeze When We are Sleeping:

The REM Antonia cannot let you sneeze when you are asleep.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze: 10 Conducts to Sneeze on Demand.

how to make yourself sneeze

There are many ways to get yourself to sneeze on command. They all are given in the following points:

  • Tinkle with a feather.
  • Look at the light.
  • Use a tissue.
  • Smell strong perfume.
  • Eat dark chocolate.
  • Tilt head back.
  • Smell spices.
  • Pluck an eyebrow hair.
  • Get some cold air.
  • Have a carbonated drink.

Now you can answer your own how to make yourself sneeze on command. Let’s briefly check each method.

 Tinkle with a Feather:

You can make yourself sneeze by simply touching and waving a fake feather under the nose. Real feathers are highly not recommended. Try to avoid them. It is because real feathers can contain germs and bacteria with them. Suggested is also that fake wave feather under the skin of your nose, don’t put inside your nose. It is how to make yourself sneeze.

 Looking at Light:

In certain individuals, staring unexpectedly into a bright light-triggered sneeze. Some people make themselves sneeze by only staring at the light.

The study reports that about one-third of the population is vulnerable to sneezing. This phenomenon is named photo sneeze reflex (PSR) or ACHOO (autosomal dominant compulsive Helio-Ophthalmic outburst of sneezing)

If one person has a light sneezing reflex, there is a 50 percent risk that their son would also have this disorder.

That is how you can make yourself sneeze with a stuffy nose.

 Sniff a Strong Perfume:

Some strong perfumes can also make you get a sneeze. To try this, spray a strong perfume to infuriate the nasal lining.

Do not immediately inhale the breath with the scent, and never spray the fragrance into the nose. It is another way for you to answer how to make yourself sneeze on command.

 Using a Tissue:

Roll the tissue corner into the point and position it on the nose. Gently place the tissue push and out until you feel the tinkle sensations that make you sneeze.

Please do not push the tissue too far because it causes pain. That is why this technique is harmful, so, during this technique, please take care of yourself.

 Eat Dark Chocolate:

Eating chocolate, which contains many cocos, makes you sneeze, It is not clear why it is happening, but the scientist thinks it does not have anything related to allergies.

This technique is only applying to some particular people. Those people who do not eat chocolate regularly can do this. That is how you can make yourself sneeze.

 Lean your Head Backward :

This technique is more helpful to the person who feels that a sneeze is coming out. It is a simple technique. In this technique, tilt your head back and open your eyes. That is how you can make yourself sneeze when you can’t.

 Smell Spices :

Spices such as black paper, coriander, crushed red paper, white paper, etc., help you know how to make yourself sneeze. In these examples, black paper and white paper are significant

because both peppers have Piperine, which irritates the nose and helps you sneeze.

Try to sniff the jar of spices or some pepper gently. Cooking spicy food or inhaling some chili peppers.

Take care of yourself when doing this technique because it can cause a burning sensation in the nose. That is how you can make yourself sneeze with a stuffy nose.

 Pull off an Eyebrow Hair :

Pluck the hair of the eyebrow can irritate the facial nerve. Some people need to pluck only one eyebrow hair, and some people need to pluck more than one to make themselves sneeze. That is how to make yourself sneeze.

 Get Some Cold Air 

Cold air straight to the face can irritate the nose. In this technique, go to the cold area and take a long breath in the cold air.

If there is no cold area, then turn on the air-conditioning, pull the cold air, and this is how to make yourself sneeze.

 Drink a Carbonated Drink:

Indeed, a sensor in the language called TRAP1 is stimulated through fizzy drinks with carbon dioxide. The body raises saliva and activates the nose and cough as activated by several receptors.

Inhaling the carbonated bubbles also can irritate the nose and make you sneeze.

That is how make yourself sneeze credit.


There are the following allergies in which a person can get sneezes.


how to make yourself sneezeThe most common allergy that causes sneezing and coughing is rhinitis, which directly attacks the nasal and mucous membranes, making you sneeze. Airborne allergies, such as pollen and dander, can also occur. It was first treated on 4 January 2017.

Some additional causes can cause by rhinitis, such as headaches, fatigue, etc. These things can also cause watering, redness, and itchiness of the eyes and make you sneeze.

Rhinitis can cause damage to the eyes while commonly producing a runny nose and a stuffy nose.

There are different types of rhinitis:

  • Infectious rhinitis
  • Non-allergic rhinitis
  • Allergic rhinitis

Let’s check each type in detail.

Infectious Rhinitis:

A bacterial infection causes this type of rhinitis. Including the common cold caused by Rhinovirus and coronavirus, and others caused by a human respiratory syncytial virus?


Many infectious rhinitides virus symptoms include common cold, cough, congestion, sore throat, and headache.

Non-Allergic Rhinitis:

It was discovered on 24 September 2008. Non-allergic rhinitis does not occur due to allergy. This type is referred to as vasomotor rhinitis.

It is first caused by vasodilation due to an overreaction of a nerve, making you sneeze.

Vasomotor Rhinitis

As an additional cause is recognized, more of the type will come at the sight of Non-allergic rhinitis.

Medications to Avoid

Aspirin, NSAID, and, most particularly, COX1 are very harmful to non-allergic rhinitis. It can also be dangerous for asthma symptoms that can be applied as a spray, which may be very effective for vasomotor rhinitis.

A review of non-allergic rhinitis shows that improvements can be seen with treating an active component of chili pepper.

Allergic Rhinitis

It was discovered on 26 December 2018. Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is typically caused by inhaling dust and balsam, but this causes a serious effect on a sensitive immune system. It attacks the antibodies and makes you sneeze.

The antibodies are made of mast cells containing histamine. Thus, inducing scratching, swelling, and mucus.


Symptoms differ strongly from person to person. Hives and other rashes may occur in the Vey susceptible immune system.

Parts of the contaminated environment and chemicals around us include chlorine and a detergent that is usually accepted, which may worsen the disease.

Physical results include swelling and erythematic eyelids, lower eyelashes, etc., in people with allergic rhinitis.

Suppose an individual has negative skin pricks and blood tests internally. It may have allergic rhinitis owing to a local nasal allergy.

A test can be used to indicate whether a substance causes this disease.

how to make yourself sneezeTreatment of Rhinitis:

Non-allergic rhinitis can treat based on the cause of your allergies. Your doctor will do a physical check-up and ask about your causes.

Doctors will advise you on some tests. There are no special tests or actual tests required for non-allergic rhinitis.

If you have nasal congestion and runny nose, your doctor will likely conclude symptoms and test for other conditions that do not reveal basic causes, such as allergies.

In some cases, your doctor may call you in a week or so and see whether your symptoms are improving or not.

Treatment at the Home of Non-Allergic Rhinitis:

Treatment of non-allergic rhinitis can also do at home and in the hospital. If it is not serious, it can be done at home. There are different sprays to do the treatment at home. There are some details, and the names of the sprays are the following.

  • Saline nasal spray
  • Corticosteroid nasal spray
  • Antihistamine nasal spray
  • Anti-drip anticholinergic nasal spray

 Saline Nasal Spray:

This spray is made at home by adding salt and water. It is used for flushing your stuffy nose, helping the mucus become thin, and soothing the membranes in your nose.

 Corticosteroid Nasal Spray:

If your symptoms are not recovering, your doctor will advise you on corticosteroid nasal spray. Only corticosteroid spray is also available in markets.

Corticosteroid medication helps us to prevent and treats the symptoms of rhinitis. A possible side effect of non-allergic rhinitis includes nasal dryness, bleeding nose, headache, etc.

 Antihistamine Nasal Sprays:

Try antihistamine spray such as stein and patinas, while oral antihistamine will not help with non-allergic rhinitis symptoms. The antihistamine may reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

 Anti-Drip Anticholinergic Nasal Spray:

The drug ipratropium is often used as asthma relieving drug for a patient. But now, it is available in the market as a nasal spray. It is beneficial for the runny nose, which is your main complaint. It has side effects such as nose bleeding and drying of the nose.


Through this, we can conclude that sneezing is one of the most important phenomena of nature. If we do not sneeze, we get ill due to bacteria and viruses. The sneeze is an explosion of lungs through the mouth and nose. Different ways to get yourself sneeze, such as looking at a light, using a tissue, eat dark chocolate, are available.

Rhinitis is a prevalent disease that can cause sneezing. It has three types infectious, non-allergic, and allergic rhinitis. There have many ways to counter the question of how to make yourself sneeze?


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