How Long Do Potatoes Last? Health Risk, Cooked, Raw and More

How to tell potatoes are bad

Finding sprouted potatoes in the pantry is common. Although potatoes have several uses in cooking and even in other edible stuff. At times, you may get them from the market let them stay at the rough place. Noticing after a couple of time brings you sprouted potato in a variety of reasons.

how long do potatoes lastYou need to be well assured of the good quality of potato whenever you’re purchasing or serving up with potato. They are of the long-lasting veggies, yet they may come up with many hazardous effects if you fail to store reasonably.

It’s fulfil the body needs of carbohydrates if you could use them moderately. Potato consists of 80% of water. How to tell potatoes are bad.

Although potatoes are a favorite one of many people, there’re many side-effects in using it excessively. It is difficult to tell potatoes are bad Here, in this blog post, we’re going to discuss in what ways you can mention either potatoes are safe to use or not.

Putting aside its primary usage, you’ll have to be well aware of it in all ways. There are a variety of signs that show they are worth-using or not any longer as follow:


What If Potatoes Are Shrinking?

After bringing home, potatoes often show mushy or wrinkly layer on their surface. At this point, there’s dire need to check either they are exposed to light or not. Using after a long time might be another reason to get their surface rotten. You should be cautious before cooking them or serving your family with them.

Solanine production is harmful to human health after it gets place inside the body. Because toxicity increases and it turn to harmful ones. What you need to cross-check your potatoes with, is mushy surface. The best way is to get them away at once if you encounter such condition of it.


When Have Sprouts Grown Up?

A poison named glycoalkaloids can be there in sprouts causes harmful effects on the body. It includes solanine and chaconine, and both of them are in a tremendous amount in sprouts. As you’re vulnerable to its risks, better to get rid of them either by chopping them off or not by using sprouted potatoes.

When they are not treated chemically, there is a possibility of being the variety organic. What happens in return is growing up sprouts on it. The nutritional value is inside of it, which doesn’t affect if potatoes have sprouts on their surface.


Are Greenish Colour Potatoes Safe To Use?

Usually, you’re coming up with the query what if potato turn greenish. The exposure of light on potato may turn their surface into greenish. As solanine level becomes high, there’s more likely to get you with bitter experiences.


Two solutions to your query may be helpful resolve it as follow:

  • You can simply cut the greenish part of the potatoes and can consume the rest of the potato.
  • You can satisfy your mind by throwing them away if you’re super conscious of having side effects of using greenish colour potato.

2nd one is not recommended, yet it fits in possible solutions. But getting alert after seeing the green colour on potato is normal, you may not be so panic that leads to just wastage of potatoes for no reason.


how long do potatoes lastIs It Necessary To Consume Only Fresh Potatoes?

Using fresh or raw potatoes is another questions, but if you consider the following thing in it, you may have to decide instantly whether to use or not?

  1. If you check the soft and mushy surface, you may face a hectic situation about potatoes usage. Well, throwing them out is just a fine to consider rather than consuming.
  2. The smell is quite familiar pretty nice check-up you should think. If you smell the rotten or mouldy odour, it’s the clear-cut sign to get rid of. Disposing of such potatoes is the best way.


Cooked Potatoes

To ensure the spoilage of Un-cooked potatoes is as easy as to consider signs apparently. There may be strong rotten smell compelling you to just throw off it. Well, cooked potatoes are high-risk food as it leads to bacterial growth that causes food poisoning.

Cooked potatoes have a lot of moisture, acidity, and protein.

Solution: an easy solution to get this problem is to use cooked potato within 4 days of its cooking. Additionally, reheating at about 74 degree Celsius helps kill all harmful bacteria.

Sometimes, a black spot occurs after baking the potato. How to tell if potatoes are bad or Is it safe to use? Is it safe to put it into the dustbin? Well, you need not dispose of the whole potato just because of the black spot. Seeing black spots inside the potato are actually bruising. All you need to do is scrape off this blackish or grey part out of it with your knife.

Proper handling helps to avoid bruising.

Visible Signs Of Potatoes Play Any Role In Potato Authenticity?

Appearances do count for potatoes as it does for human skin. You may take a clue is potato worth-using or entitled to throw away. Its sags and wrinkles show the ageing because these are the factors leading to changing the taste after cooking.

Many of us, encountered the situation before, yeah alright. A little bit of ageing doesn’t influence taste, yet if you notice mushy surface with wrinkles, it’s better to dispose of the potatoes. Finding the potato wet within the bag or at a pace where you keep them is a discord potato sign.


How Long Potatoes Are Good To Use?

Their life varies from environment to conditions applied. Usually, their pantry life expectancy is about 3 to 5 weeks, and if we store them inside the refrigerator, the lifetime increases by 3 to 4 months straightly.

Storing in the fridge causes side effect leading a potato to a sweeter one. When this sweeter potato gets to boil, it turns down to brown upon cooking.

  • At 10 degree Celsius, the shelf life of potato is around 2-3 months.
  • Room temp get you worth-using potato for 7-13 days.
  • Raw potatoes have a very short lifetime of about one day.
  • But if cooked/boiled potato refrigerated correctly, it has lifetime of 3-4 days.

If uncooked potatoes stored, it could stay well from weeks to months depending upon the conditions.

Health Risks

There can be a couple of risks due to consuming spoiled potato as follow:

  • There may be vast chances of food poisoning using spoiled potato.
  • Illness and listeria are the results of spoiled potatoes usage.
  • If you’re encountering foodborne disease you could face multiple symptoms like
  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Muscles Pain.
  • People who love eating potatoes keep putting on weight until they start using/eating itmoderately.
  • Rotten potatoes cause foul odour and help to intensify toxicity due to toxic gas.

Enlist Best Ways To Store Potato?

To enhance the lifetime of it, you need to undertake the best ways for proper storage of it.

  • High temperatures cause sprouting to grow on potato. To counter this thing, it is best to store at a low temperature making possible the best storage of potatoes. Keeping at cool temperatures helps in reducing the sprouting by maintaining Vitamin C.
  • Potatoes turn greenish on direct exposure of light. Solanine huge amount occurs because of greenish colour, which increases toxicity within the body after eating. Avoiding greenish colour is as necessary as the usage of the potato itself.
  • Don’t store raw potatoes in refrigerators and fridge even if cool temperatures are best to store.
  • Better to store in an open place. i.e. bowl, polythene bag as it will provide potato with the free contact of air to avoid moisture. It leads potato to have a longer lifetime.
  • Washing before storage of potato  is not recommended to keep them dry for enhancing period of potatoes.
  • You need to store it away from ethylene gas releasers as it causes sprouting.

How to tell potatoes are bad Summary

They are rich in carbohydrates. Along with other benefits and extensive usage of potatoes can be spoiled if not stored well.

There are many ways to tell potatoes are bad, for instance, the greenish colour of potato, appearances, and sprouting. We can distinguish a good potato from a bad one considering the best ways of checking it.

It cause many health risks, i.e. gastrointestinal symptoms and food poisoning.

Storing potatoes well keeps it safe to use from weeks to months.

Cool temperatures, keeping away from sunlight, storing at open bowls, and avoiding washing before storing lead them away from toxicity, sprouting and food poisoning.


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