Headache After Massage? Reason and what to do


Headache after massageWe often feel relieved and refreshed after having a massage. There is proper tissue, and muscle relaxation occurs that helps to soothe us because muscles freshen up. It reduces the stress and activates our nervous system again by lowering pressure over the body. Sometime, it may be cause headache after that massage.

The massage therapist utilizes various ways/techniques for massage purposes to lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones.

Sometimes, there are complaints about getting a headache after a soft tissue massage. There are chances of getting side-effects of massage alongside its benefits.

Here are some possible reasons due to them, headache chances occur. If you are coping with the same issue, then this blog post will verily help you out, underpinning the main reasons behind it. Here we go!

  1. Wrong Head Positioning During The Massage

The alignment of the neck and shoulders is as necessary as getting rid of exhaustion. If massage therapists don’t care for it, there are high chances of pain during or after the massage. It is nearly possible you may fall asleep in this awkward position of misalignment of head and shoulders, and get up in pain. Apart from pain, there is the possibility of contraction, leaving feelings of discomfort behind.

A massage therapist should take into account the importance of proper alignment to avoid any complexity or side-effects of massage.

  1. Too Much Pressure

During the massage, putting too much pressure on the muscles and soft tissues may lead to a headache. If your massage therapist performs this activity forcibly, it may have had the side-effect during or after the massage. Sometimes, he/she uses much pressure on your muscles, leading to bruising and increased blood circulation. Resultantly, heavy pressure triggers headaches, which makes us uncomfortable and excruciating.

Lower the pressure results in a better feeling of contentment, serving the actual meaning of having a massage.

  1. Dehydration

When an individual exhausted with daily routine, a metabolic waste struck in the muscles, hindering proper blood flow. During the massage, your muscles loosen up, and this metabolic waste finds its way out of the body via the lymphatic system. What happens in the next is, your kidneys got a massive load for their excellent working, and they need more water than they use in routine.

So, your body draws out water from the bloodstream results in the reduction of water. You become dehydrated, and there is an urge of thirst triggering headache as a result.

  1. Headache after massageAllergic Problems

If you have an allergic problem or sensitive to the smell of the product used in the massage, it may lead to stiffness and irritation. Therefore, this problem causes sneezing and vulnerability to soreness. Although a soft tissue massage gets you off with tiredness, there is a side-effect of headache due to smell-consciousness. A therapist uses a massage product consisting of perfume, cleansing agents, or a massage oil.

It will help if you cover your nose with a handkerchief to avoid this allergic problem.

  1. Fluctuation In Blood Pressure

It is recommended that you should lay down for a while after getting a tissue massage. On the contrary, if you stand up and start walking, there are possibilities for blood pressure variations. It leads to hypotension, and headache appears as a sign of it.

You should not stand up too early until there is a smooth flow of blood in the body. It can cause dizziness because of changes in blood pressure. So, to overcome this problem, you should keep lying down on the massage bed.

  1. Blood Sugar Levels

During the massage, there can occur a deficiency in blood sugar levels. It affects the concentration of cortisol, which plays a vital role in raising the blood sugar level. Therefore, hypoglycemia occurs, causing a headache after the massage.


 What are the possible reason for headaches in a normal situation?


  • Irregular Sleeping Pattern

If there is an irregularity in our sleeping schedule, then it causes a headache. Usually, doctors recommend 6 to 8 hours sleep out of 24 hours. Take sleep less than this time duration leaves you with dizziness and anxiety.

  • Depression

It contributes a lot to have a headache, but it is one of the main reasons for headache in everyday situations. Staying worried for a long time makes you uncomfortable. We should sort out our problems as soon as possible to cope with this problem.

  • Insufficient Usage Of Water

The human body needs 3 to 5-liter water within 24 hours, according to health experts. The less consumption of water makes us worried without any reason. So, if we use an insufficient amount of water, it causes headaches.

  • Hormonal Changings

Hormonal changing is one of the main reasons for headaches. It occurs both in men and women, but women’s pregnancy leads to hormonal changes most of the time. It is a natural process, and is also related to the replacement of hormones and contraceptives.

  • Blood Pressure

Variations in the blood pressure cause faintness. Suppose it happens so much that it badly affects human health, leading to severe headaches and headache after massage.


Despite the benefits of massage, there can be a severe headache during or after the massage. So, we need to consider the following points as pre-requisites.

  • If you’re encountering flu or cold, don’t get a massage as it will spread illness to your therapist and his/her other clients. You need rest until you fully recover.
  • If you have intoxication, don’t get a massage. Your body sends signals of pain you’ll fail to interpret, causing severe outcomes in return.
  • If you have undergone an operation, surgery, or have any medical issue, you should consult a doctor before getting a massage.
  • If you’re hydrated, it is better to skip the session. Your priority is to quench your thirst, then go for a massage.


  • Drink a sufficient amount of water before and after the massage.
  • Better to avoid deep tissue massage.
  • Taking a cool shower after a massage can be helpful.
  • Tell your concerns before and during the massage to your massage therapist.
  • Sitting under the sun provides you with vitamin D to relax your muscles with time.
  • Ask your therapist to give some beneficial tips after the massage.
  • Drinking alcohol or whiskey may likely cause harmful effects on the body.
  • Take your meal sensibly on the day of your massage.

Alternatives To Deep Tissue Massage

  • Yoga

It is the best alternative to deep tissue massage as it includes all bodily pleasures for relaxation of muscles after tiredness. Once in a day, yoga practice can compensate for the need for massage.

  • Stretching Your Muscles

It is also an alternative to massage because it serves the essential purpose of muscle contraction and relaxation. It prevents from hardening in muscles and makes us physically fit.

  • Meditation

The ancient practice can be helpful for such a purpose. It connects the body with the soul to establish a sense of pleasure throughout the day.

  • Foot Massage

Massage therapists tend to massage on upper and lower body parts instead of full body massage. It can be useful to avoid deep tissue massage.

  • Using Hot Stones

It is the best technique to soothe us by using warm stones to pressure maintenance.


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