Garlic Benefits and Side Effects

Garlic imageGarlic, as you may know, is an immensely popular food commonly use as seasoning for its distinctly imposing flavor. It is very important ingredient to cook any food even east and west. There are many uses  in medicines and Ayurveda treatments.

However, not often do we read of its health and nutritional benefits. When we look at research, then we know that the benefits are indeed vast.

Contains Nitric Oxide

One study found that consuming 2g of  garlic cloves was associated with a 385% increase of circulating nitric oxide. Nitric oxide show to promote vasodilation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to smooth muscles, and possibly improving nutrient delivery to your skeletal muscles.

In turn, Garlic potentially improves exercise performance and muscle recovery. Therefore increased nitric oxide is also connect to the increase of circulating interferon-alpha, an important signaling protein that have shown  to combat viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Anti Cancer Protein

It is also known to be a general anti-cancer protein for its stimulation of the immune system to help slow down cancer cell proliferation. Is has also been shown to reduce blood pressure for hypertensive subjects by as much as 5-10%. With more consistency in reducing systolic BP than diastolic. This can be huge benefits for those at risk of high blood pressure.

Garlic reduces the growth of tumor cells. It inhibits cancer cell growth in human studies not just mice studies. It causes the cancer cells to induce apoptosis now what is apoptosis basically the cancer cells commit suicide.  It is anti proliferation and this word describes the spread or growth of the cells garlic is stopping the growth of cancer cells.

Better for Male Sex Organ

Some studies show that garlic can be “pro” erectile, garlic improving the performance of the male sex organ. Hydrogen sulfide, one of the components in garlic, that itself is found within the sex organ and is theorized to open potassium channels that allow greater blood engorgement to the organ.

 Reducing Arterial Plaque for Women Health

Some even call garlic the “vegetable Viagra.” Other potential garlic benefits based on preliminary research is reducing triglyceride levels, increasing levels of the anti-oxidant glutathione, increasing T-cell levels for improved immunity system, and reducing arterial plaque buildup, especially for women.

Lower Cholesterol

Most consistently significant benefits of garlic is reducing total cholesterol. Three different meta-analyses found, on average, a 10% reduction of total cholesterol in hyperlipidemic subjects when given garlic. Further research show that garlic is particularly good at reducing low-density lipoprotein. Which is also known as the “bad” cholesterol.

Slight increases in high-density lipoprotein, aka good cholesterol, but not as reliably as lowering low-density lipoprotein. And that is where we are now in terms of garlic benefits.

Better Way to Use Garlic

Garlic best prepare by first chopping or crushing it to allow the beneficial compounds to activate. Avoid microwaving, as they destroy the beneficial components grill or roast garlics instead.

General guideline is stay below roughly 20g of garlic for the average male, which is roughly 7 cloves.  The benefits are quite astounding. Good thing that I’m a fan of its flavor and hopefully reaping its benefits already.

And if you are not a fan already, then maybe  all of this information might change your mind. If you do start eating garlic more often ,just be care of the power of you breath.

So today we are going to discuss about garlic’s influence over cancer now most people know that garlic is very healthy and they may also know that it’s very powerful as an antimicrobial anti fungal.

Especially antiviral and it does not seem to do anything bad to our good bacteria but only the pathogens. But it is power on cancer and tumor cells now there is a certain vital nutrient or compound in garlic that’s creating this effect. And it’s called Alicia.

Raw Garlic

Particularly prostate cancer and stomach cancer.  The benefits of raw honey are spectacular! And it tastes absolutely delicious. Raw honey is pack with powerful antioxidants, along with enzymes and minerals. Including Iron






Selenium Vitamin B6




These Natural Vitamins and Minerals in Raw Honey Help Lower Cholesterol Levels.

Raw honey also helps to fuel your body and mind. While making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. It also has a healthy glycemic index that aids in better digestion.

To observe the best results of garlic to combine with honey. The combination of antibacterial and antioxidant  properties of garlics and honey make a potent home remedy for boosting our health and protects immunity. It is the easy way to eat the garlic in daily diet

Natural Home Remedy To Treat Many Problems

To make garlic-infused honey natural home remedy, separate 5 or 6 garlic heads into individual cloves, after peeling them and chop into small pieces. Put the chopped garlics into a jar, add 1 cup of raw honey, and mix it well. Put the lid on the jar, and allow them to infuse for a few days.

This is the garlic-infused honey natural home remedy can be stored it at room temperature. For a daily immune system boost, use 1 spoonful of raw honey and garlic in the morning on an empty stomach. Also safe for joints issues in mature age. It has been used as a medicine in ancient times. Its health benefits are conform.

Protects From Side Effects Of Garlic

It’s chemo protective. There’s a lot of chemicals in the environment. And it has the ability to reduce the toxic effects against chemicals and this also includes chemotherapy. So if someone has cancer and they’re getting chemotherapy garlics can help protect him from the toxic effect.

Alicia and the chemical in the garlics can induce autograph in human liver cancer cells autograph is this condition where your body is recycling and basically breaking down  certain cells now this is mind-blowing that garlic can do.

It contains Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium and fiber. It reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, colds and the flu. and also beneficial if you are suffering from bronchitis, asthma, stomach ulcers, or parasites. As well as alleviating hay fever, traveler’s diarrhea, bug bites and fungal infections. It also contains organ Sulphur compounds  that have many health benefits.


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