Essential Oils For Bruises And Scar: Benefits and Treatment

Can You use essential oils for bruises? How their uses are beneficial for the skin-soothing?

essential oils for bruisesEveryone feels discomfort and unpleasant with the Bruises. Because, Bruises carry pain, itchy, and swollen. Waiting for the healing of bruising always has frustrating and uncomfortable effects on everyone. Rapid healing also available by using the Essential Oils for bruises.

It is a popular home remedy that easy and safe for using. Furthermore, it improves the flow of blood and finishes Bruises. Some health problems like deficiency of vitamins also have more risks for bruising. Many types of research of Herbalists shows that the use of essential oils on bruises has many beneficial effects. All doctors and researchers recommend the use of essential oils for bruises.


How To Bruise Occurs On Your Skin?

Bruises appear in the form of dark patches on your skin. These rise in several colors like dark violet, green, yellow, and blue. These can appear in the color of red or brown patches. Bruises also are known as contusions. These can happen due to all sorts of causes. Such causes include accidentally striking collision and further contact experience.

Sometimes from the rupturing of blood vessels can develop discoloration. It occurs from the shocking trauma and high pressure. It happens on the nonbroken place of the skin surface.

Whenever bleeding occurs beneath the skin. If you ignore it, then it leads to subcutaneous blood clotting.


What Are The Best Essential Oils For Bruises?

According to the many types of research of doctors, they predict that the following are the best essential oils for bruises. These are best for the healing of pain or discoloration of the skin.

It seems that many people hesitate from the direct applying of oils on the skin. But, mixing them with other undiluted essential oils is not right for you. So, always avoid this action.

You should make them dilute in the presence of carrier oils. Then, put all this mixture into a hot application compass. Moreover, you can mix up the essential oils for bruises with cream, carrier oil, or topical lotion. Always mix up only five drops of oil for every ounce of product.

Quantity remains the same if you are using or storing the essential oils. You should apply the diluted essential oils directly to the skin twice per day. If your skin shows redness and allergic reaction. Then, stop the use of essential oils from every part of the body.

These oils are only for external uses, so avoid internal use. The essential oils for bruises also include:


Cypress Oil:

The essential oils of cypress can stop the blood from pooling beneath the skin’s surface.

It is the reason that a bruise appears on the skin. Whenever you accidentally strike with things or an accident happens in life. So, you can suffer a hematoma. In this condition as soon as possible use the cypress oil. Because it has the best healing efficiency for bruising.

Lavender Oil:

It is the best oil that stops the arising of a bruise. Lavender Oil increases the circulation of blood in the body and reduces the risk of a bruise. Although it can give limited the constricts the blood vessel.

It also reduces the pain and discomfort of the bruise. Furthermore, Lavender Oil also shows the best performance in reducing inflammation and swelling or bruise.

Geranium Oil:

Always Bruises appear just beneath the skin surface. Furthermore, Geranium Oil also shows the best performance for increasing the blood circulation in the defective part. Moreover, it has a composition of many compounds that play important role in the healing of bruises.

Frankincense (Boswellia spp.)

Frankincense has the capacity for reducing the appearance and size of a bruise rapidly. Certainly, it reduces the inflation and pain of the bruise. According to many types of research, when mixing up the Frankincense oil with turmeric. Then its performance for reducing the bruise becomes more active.

Make sure the use of diluted essential oils for bruises twice per day. Apply only a few drops on the unbroken bruised body parts.

Arnica (Arnica montana)

Arnica flower has a rapid healing process on the bruising and many skin problems. Applying its massages reduce and decrease the size of a bruise in sort time. The skin becomes as clear and bright as even a single spot cannot present on it. It also reduces pain and discomfort.

Many surgery patients get topical arnica for the healing of bruising. This herb is very beneficial for reducing these bruises quickly as compare to other techniques. Amazingly, arnica shows a rapid response for filling the bruises.

You can use its two or three drops for the massages of unbroken bruised skin. But use it Twice time per day. Arnica also using as a popular homeopathic remedy for many skin problems.

When You Should Visit A Doctor

Although, bruises can develop almost in everyone. But, bruising can shows underlying malnutrition or medical problems. Whenever a defective part takes more time like 2-4 weeks for healing. Then, you will visit the doctor as soon as possible.

These present frequently in young, old, and children. So, remain alert on the signs of bruises. Mostly, bruises do not need any doctor’s treatment. Because these easily reduce from the body by using the essential oils for bruises. However, you need a doctor’s visit when seeing complications such as:

  1. When you feel severe pain, inflation, and edema.
  2. No, major reason but from the use of blood-thinning medications, you have bruises appear for no reason.
  3. If a bruise does not go healing after three or four weeks.

Can you Soothe Bruises with Essential Oil?

essential oils for bruisesBruising often causes due to blood pooling in the effective part of the body. Pooling always makes a slightly bad purple-blue appearance. Always reduce the blood flow from the effective area before its care. Keep up that part of the body. Moreover, wrap the ice in a cloth and apply it to the effective area. It is very helpful for keeping blood from pooling in the bruised tissue.

Through performing the light massaging on the defective area. Because, it can keep blood from pooling, reducing the bruising. The essential oils for bruises are the best massage tips. Furthermore, it gives a pleasant aroma. These essential oils give relief and comfort to the skin. Many health and further benefits also come from their massages.

Whenever once the defective area becomes fully iced. Then, mix up the Helichrysum or Myrrh oils two drops with Fractionated Coconut Oil. So, they cover the bumping part of the defective skin area. It depends on the severity and area of the bruise.

Moreover, you can perform the heating process on the defective area later 24 hours of icing. You can use the electric heating bag, rice bag, or a warm bottle. Every day gives approximately twenty minutes warm even wound become completely disappear.

How Many Factors Affecting Bruising?

Always a sudden and hard bumping brings severe bruise. Many skin conditions bring Bruising problems easily. The defective area also increases gradually and change into a large bruise. Skin also goes to bruise with age because it loses its insulating layer and becomes thin.

According to the recommendation of Mayo Clinic, many medicines available for the healing of bruising.

The blood clotting is also reducing from the use of anticoagulant medications, Aspirin, and anti-platelet agents. Furthermore, many blood clotting issues are also reducing the use of antibiotics. Consequently, bleeding from a capillary loss might take more time for stopping. So, the leaking of blood takes place from it and becomes a serious problem.

Bruise also occurs from certain topical and systemic corticosteroids which makes the skin thin. If you are facing often these bruising experience. Then, don’t top the use of essential oils for bruises and visit the doctor as soon as possible.


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